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One of the things that worried me a bit while I was getting my Amiga online was what would happen if something went wrong? Workbench is an operating system that I don’t know very much about, so I was very concerned that by installing something incorrectly, copying a file to the wrong folder or incorrectly editing a config file (I don’t find the standard text editor, ed, to be particularly user-friendly) I could break my installation.

What I really needed was a way of backing up the CF card that had the installation on. I wasn’t sure of an easy way to do this using Windows, but luckily my Mac (with it’s Unix-esque OS) came to the rescue!

Firstly, you’ll need to find the device that represents the CF card. To do this use the diskutil command:

diskutil list

In my case, the device is /dev/disk7. Yours is likely to be different, and may changed when disconnected, so make sure you choose the correct device. To create a backup image of the device, use dd:

dd if=/dev/disk7 of=./workbench3_1.img

if is the input (in this case my CF card), and of (the output location) is a local disk file

You’ll also need to know how to restore an image. It goes without saying that this will wipe all data on the device, so proceed at your own risk… and make sure you have the right device!

First, you’ll need to unmount the device, and then use dd to copy the image on to the CF card

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk7
dd of=/dev/disk7 if=./workbench3_1.img

Good luck!