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One of the side-effects of changing job is that I’m now working closer to the city centre… I can now get a train into work without a lot of effort! I’ve only ever driven to work before so I’m appreciating a different way of commuting.

The benefits? The journey in is a bit more relaxed, although I’ve always been an early starter so I’d tend to be travelling before rush-hour really kicks off. But the fact that I don’t have to do any driving is good. More than the train though I think I’m appreciating the walking more - I’ve got about half an hour walking in the morning and evening. Which is great, it keeps me a little bit fitter - far better than just driving from my house to a car park every day!

The other side of it is the facilities that the city centre offers - far more choice of food, and definitely extra options for sneaking a quick beer after work ;-)