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It's been a long time. How have you been?

Apologies to the entire internet, it has been far too long! Lots to catch up on, lots to discuss, lots to mull over…

It’s been about four months since I last blogged, what’s happened since then? I’ve spent far too long DIY-ing (is that a word yet?) and decorating. Neither are fun tasks. Nor are they relevant to this blog.

I broke my hand - first bone I’ve ever broken. And surprisingly hurt less than I thought it would! Though it was a small bone to be fair. Now this is a genuine excuse for not blogging for a couple of weeks where I couldn’t type! But four months is inexcusable. If it makes you feel better, I’m really unhappy with myself that it’s taken this long. But again, this isn’t really about software development (unless you count the advice “don’t break your hand” as a coding tip!)

So what has happened? I’ve moved jobs. And what an eye-opener it’s been.

I was in a really privileged position when looking for a new place… I was in a secure job, and was quite clear in my mind what I wanted in a new position, so I could take my time finding it. It took multiple people to convince me that this was the right position for me… and to be honest they’ve been right. I’m a happy dev again.

Why though? What is special about this new place that makes it appeal?

Breathing space to grow and learn, while delivering the right product A company that values individuals for what they are - unique people with unique needs A culture that demands change over standing still Passion - I’m surrounded by developers that love their job

Oh, and Nerf guns.