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Dan Fox

Software developer interested in learning New Things and applying them in Real Life

… well the start of that evolution anyway.

I’m still walking along the journey myself so there is much for me to learn - including where it leads me next!  But for now, this is What I’ve Seen So Far…

Stage 1 - A List of Steps!

This is where code is written in a god method - one method effectively contains all the functionality of an application.  It’s easy to debug as one step follows the next but it’s not very scalable… you’ll ht problems very quickly.

Stage 2 - Many Small Lists of Steps!

A natural follow on from Stage 1.  The god method is refactored into smaller functions, giving re-use and allowing code to be more readable - but we still have our god object.

Stage 3 - Objects Exist!

So now we break the up the god object into smaller objects.  Each object can have a single task (or more accurately, a single responsibility).  More maintainable, more re-use.  Objects interact more because they need to call another class’ methods rather than any solid design behind them.

Stage 4 - Inheritance Exists!

Well, I can get even more re-use by abstracting common code away into base classes!  However it’s easy at this stage to ignore Liskov’s substitution principle, leading to code which is difficult to extend.

Stage 5 - Composition Is Powerful!

This builds on the two previous steps.  Firstly, objects can have other objects.  Secondly, inheritance can cause difficulties - hence it’s often recommended to prefer composition over inheritance.

And that’s really where I am.  I’m intrigued as to where this journey leads next…